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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
It doesn't? Being a responsible individual and not being dumb when you're a PROFESSIONAL athlete doesn't matter off the field? It is the same old shit because, well, it's the same old shit. Lions athletes doing dumb things and/or getting in trouble off the field. That discipline extends off of the field.

Anyone that thinks a car accident involving an NFL player at 2:30 AM while getting food isn't alcohol related is a moron.
So your now god Mr. Grease. you know alcohol was involved? You were there, you saw it all personally. Reports stated alcohol wasn't a factor. You are certainly a moron, thanks for proving it.

He's a professional sports player on once again his own time, accidents do happen. Doesn't matter if he wears a lions jersey or not. Mr. Peyton must be a undisciplined piece of shit also....oh wait just cause he doesn't wear a certain uniform, he's a great guy? Seriously? That's what I get out of all this bullshit. Their uniform makes them all horrible shitty people cause everyone else is perfect.

I'ma go sit in my padded room now so I can be responsible and go to work tomorrow just like Chad and Greasestain. Yes, I have drank Kool-Aid all my life I like all the flavors really. I'm pretty open and understanding. I can't hang here with all this Mr. perfects. I shall go "FUCK OFF NOW"
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