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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
It sucks when you act like an ass, post about it and no one thinks you were right doesn't it?

Someone was having car trouble and instead of being patient you chose to be a dick and point out the color of their skin.

Go lay some pipe.....seriously, most awesome dumbfuck indicator ever....

Lay some pipe fukc yeah, murrika!
See, it doesn't suck when nobody thinks I wasn't right. I don't care what you or anybody else on here that doesn't know me, thinks of me.

Those that do know me know that I am a nice guy and will help them out whenever I can.

Was he having car trouble? Yes.
Did I know? No.
Were there two cars blocking the entrance of a neighborhood off of a busy road? Yes.
Did I give the lady that was telling him about it time to tell him, and pull up in front of him so the roadway wouldn't be blocked anymore? Yes.
Did she move? No.

So I gave a courtesy honk in hopes she would think "Oh crap, I'm blocking the roadway and it could be dangerous, I should move up and out of the way".

Well, that didn't happen. Instead, it was blow up on this guy for being an impatient dick. Never once did I think I was in the wrong. I wasn't being impatient, just wanted the roadway clear so me or anybody that was going to try and turn in wouldn't get caught in a bad situation.

Was it necessary for them to blow up and call me names? No. If they had handled it better, and just moved, I would have probably givin' him a hand. I would have had no problem going to my house and grabbing a jack and a four way.

Does the color of their skin or nationality matter? No, but I chose to give that detail.
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