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Default 2008 Cummins 6.7 Power Loss /CEL's

Out of the blue today, I get 2 CEL's while towing, and the truck went into limp mode. I could accelerate to almost 60, but took time getting there. I was towing around 5000 lbs and with the limp mode and 2 CEL's, I also got the OH message to get serviced immediately, and contact dealer (did not say what to get serviced immediately), and a lot of black smoke while towing. I got a P1011 (low system fuel pressure) and a P0087 (Fuel rail system pressure too low).

To narrow down what could be the cause, I did some internet research, and got some things to try (or have some one look at). Are all these potential causes of this sudden loss of power? Truck has 70,000 miles.

Try a shim kit or fuel rail plug
Fuel filter (this will be changed soon - 13,000 since last changed)
Update software on the XRT Pro tuner (downloading that now - been almost 2 years since I updated it)
Faulty pressure relief valve on fuel rail (does the shim /plug above do the same thing?)
FCA faulty
Weak fuel pump
Weak fuel transfer pump
Fuel rail sensor
Dirty MAP sensor (I cleaned this around 10,000 ago)
Injectors leaking into crankcase? Something about to check the oil level and if high, this is it. Also a white paper towel test to see if there are 2 colored rings on it?
CP3 needs replacement
Faulty crank position sensor. Truck starts and idles nice though
May be a lot of algae in the tank / system (I use treatment every time I fill up, and keep the tank full 90% of the time)

Any other suggestions, or something that I can remove from the list above?

Any suggestions for a shop in SW Mich that is within limping distance that would look at this (I'd really rather not take this to a Chrysler dealership).
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