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We just moved to our new house that is only service by those ass clowns. I stopped at their service center and picked up a HD DVR for the special package the lady on the phone sold me. I get home, they ping the box to activate it, no picture just sound. I call their shit service line. The lady has me swap end of the hdmi cable from tv to box. After more trouble shooting she tells me I need to go back and get a new box. Go through the same bs trouble shooting for sound and no pic with another agent. I finally give up and tell them to send someone out. Later in the day I got the playing with it again and decided to call to see if they actually activated my service. They had turned on only basic service. They then turned on the HD service and everything worked fine after that. I also hooked up my own modem and had them activate it. Of course they charged me for service connection fees and no one came to my house. I had to stop by service center to bitch to get those fees removed. I HATE CRAPCAST!!!!!!!! I want my wideopenwest back!

now that I have vented about those ass clowns..... I do not really know how to answer your question.

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