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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post

Unless this date is important to our fallen soldiers, or your Bday

The entire American Muslim population is not on board with this protest but the few that want to engage with there need to complain about the mistreatment of themselves(muslims) is not needed to be done on the anniversary of a very tradgic day for the families of the servivors and American citizens.
If they want to protest there are 364 other days to do that.

From a poll I heard of approx. 70% of the American Muslim population disagree with the extremists. It is the other 30% that live in this country I have my concerns about.
You would not find a % of the Christian population that would agree to violence or terrorist activities to make their point.
Haha dec 7th is My birthday and what about the % Christian's that bomb abortion clinic's? you forget those guys?
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