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Put up trail cams that text your phone, go out to where this asshat is, release the gimp, and surprise buttsecks all night long. That'll be one wheeling trip he'll never forget.

On a more serious note, I do feel for you. I have a small amount of land up north, and if this kinda stuff was going on there, I wouldn't be to happy either. I mean sure, there isn't a damn thing on my 20 other than a pump well, but still. I just don't get why people (usually young kids) feel the need to disrespect the laws, and more importantly, peoples private property. I will admit, I have wheeled "illegally" when I was younger, but I didn't know much about this sport. I just thought "Hey I have a Jeep and can go anywhere!". Well, after creeping this sight for a long time, I finally realized how important this sport really is and all the politics that want to shut us down. I have never even thought of wheeling on illegal property since. Now, I support everything that keeps this sport as free and open as it is. Kids like this fuckstick give off roading a bad name. They don't see how it a/effects(?) everybody as a whole. All they think about is themselves.

trogdor, set these fawkers up. Find out where they enter your property at. Find out how far back they go in to tear your shit up. Make your own spike strip. Make is so they can get in, but can't get out. Learn their schedule. Do they come out on Friday nights or Saturday nights, or do they lay pipe during the weeknights. This will give you a better idea when to be on your toes. Hide your trail cams a little better so you can get pictures of their vehicles and license plates. Make sure you can hit them with every little bit that you can. When they are on your land, call up the local state police, and possible the DNR, OR just call up the local DNR and have them come out. They'll hit them with everything that a state trooper can, but more of the CO stuff that will really fukc them.

I hope you catch these fukcsticks. And I hope it get's put up on here! I need more stuff to read while at work
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