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Originally Posted by trogdor the burninator View Post
the problem with cameras that i took into consideration when mounting mine is they are incredibly easy to find at night with a cheap nightvision monocular, video camera with NV, etc. I had one taken before I put something (not saying what it is) over the IR flash that lets light out but not in.
I have had problems with all kinds of people. mostly hunters poaching my land. again; super easy to find them if you have simple tools, but the illegal wheeling has got to stop. They think my crane is a personal diving board, the trashcan is not their personal trash can, the beer cans left ALL OVER the property, huge ruts in the middle of my haul roads, removing my signage etc. If you guys could prove its this asshole I would LOVE to turn him in. The fun thing is if you do get stuck on my property, its an active mine! all >1000 acres of it. regardless if I am using that part right now or not. Accidents involving personal property being damaged do get reported if i decide to send it in.. SO If I decide to crush your jeep its a simple 'woops' for me. followed by MSHA investigating a simple "they were trespassing, do not have proper training for the mine, weren't wearing PPE, etc." will bode over $40000 in fines from the federal govt. They will fine you; as they are real pricks. I know a few people that 'like' that kzoo page, I converted one of them, the rest were assholes.
Don't you have people come out and wheel your property WITH you?

If so, not sure why these idiots wouldn't just ask to wheel with you.

Edit: I guess it is because they are idiots, commons sense is not a necessity these days
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