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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
I would say that it's not really fair to make the entire American Muslim population own the group who wanted to do this, it would be like saying that all American Christians were the same as the Westboro Baptist Church.

How bout before that, we get a group to ride on Dec. 7, to show support for December 7, 2013?

Unless this date is important to our fallen soldiers, or your Bday

The entire American Muslim population is not on board with this protest but the few that want to engage with there need to complain about the mistreatment of themselves(muslims) is not needed to be done on the anniversary of a very tradgic day for the families of the servivors and American citizens.
If they want to protest there are 364 other days to do that.

Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
I'm not saying we should forget about what happend, not sure where you got that.

I think you shouldn't say that you support 9/11. I think you should say that you support the people who endured 9/11.

Splitting hairs, you knew what I meant.

Chill. Plus, yes, I know how you think and I have a feeling you're pigeon holing the entire American muslim culture with the acts of this one group.
From a poll I heard of approx. 70% of the American Muslim population disagree with the extremists. It is the other 30% that live in this country I have my concerns about.
You would not find a % of the Christian population that would agree to violence or terrorist activities to make their point.
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