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Originally Posted by mtnbikinbryno View Post
I don't buy into the airline security argument. Did the attack frighten you so much that you changed your ways and don't fly? Not me personally. Do I mind going through security so my airplane doesn't blow up? Nope.
If you take into account the number of flights per year vs the total number of highjackings pre-9/11 you will find that you are much more likely to die in a plane crash due to pilot error or mechanical malfunction than you are from a hijacker taking over and purposely crashing a plane.

Reality check- TSA has not been cost effective.

BTW, I travel a LOT. The past few years it has become increasingly expensive in both money and time to take a plane. Most of the flights I book are last minute, and it has increased from an average of $300-$500 to $1000-$1500 for a last minute booking.

Now, if I can drive there in about 12 hours or less, I drive since there is no real time savings.

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