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Originally Posted by [U
BlooMule;3495639]Let's say you have an intersection, east-west and north-south. Each road is a two way, non divided street.

Going north is a funeral procession that has already crossed the intersection.

Going south, about 1/8 mile from the intersection is a school bus that is stopped, red flashers on

Going east is an ambulance, lights and siren on.

Who has the right of way?
Originally Posted by Lousypirate View Post
My logic would say the ambulance, but that is dependant on the quality of people on the procession and the type of bus driver...

Certainly time is of the essence in an ambalamps, therefore should supersede the other two?

What about a cop going the west with his flashers on?
Originally Posted by kerryann View Post

Wrong. School buses always has the right of way. Emergency vehicles are required to stop for buses. What usually happens, is once the bus driver realizes there is an emergency vehicle approaching, they hold (secure for safety) the kids, deactivate their lights, and the emergency vehicle passes.

So, this senerio, order of right of way...

1. School Bus (with activated lights)
2. Emergency vehicle.
3. Funeral procession.

After reviewing the senerio again, I correct my answer..


Reasoning, the Bus and Funeral procession are on a N-S road. The ambulance is on and E-W road.
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