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I have had problems with this going on in my family property, all towing companies have been told by myself and a few others to not tow from here. They then are to call us. haven't had anyone stuck yet but find tire tracks out here....MSHA frowns on foreign tracks in the mine. If you are reading this and trespass on my land be warned, I have been trained very well by the DOD in camouflage techniques and have hidden 125 trail cameras throughout the property. I will find you and you will be turned in and fined by the DNR($450), MSHA ($10,000) and myself (kick your ass and shoot your tires.)
seriously. shits getting old. I found some asshats gator last year parked on a trail and moved it as carefully as I could with a 988f. it didn't like a 102,000lb loader parked on top of it.
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Don't take my guns or let them queer-o-sexuals get married, but go ahead and decide what's okay for my food. yee haw.
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