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Originally Posted by dougstephvoor View Post
I have seriously been considering a new pistol for ccw concealed etc.

Choosing a caliber has been driving me crazy, 9mm .40 45acp


I sure like the weight and the round count on this thing,

But I have serious concern about the ability to stop a meth head DEAD in his tracks with a 22 mag fired through a short barrel.

Their will be huge muzzle flash and little gain over a regular 22.

I have a 22 mag rifle, I love the thing, not a PD round in my opinion.

Hand gun is cool if it has longevity, you will have to give us a report after a thousand rounds fired down the pipe.
I carry a LCR in 22 mag when I am going to be around a large group of people at restaurant or the grocery store or similar situations. You are liable for every bullet you fire until it stops moving. If you are in a restaurant and are forced to fire how far is the .40 going to travel when it passes through the target and ricochets? This is what prompted me to get a 22 mag in addition to my M&P40.

Why didn't I just get a 22LR rather than the expensive mag? At 7 yards how well will a LR penetrate a Carhartt coat and bibs? This was why I went to the mag, it was due to the loss of bullet energy when fired from a short barrel.

No, it won't stop a someone cranked up meth but I have seen deer hit with a 12ga slug through the lungs that still run off for 20-30 yards and that is one heck of a hole compared to a little 45ACP. Most people aren't cranked up on meth and this is one way to buy a few seconds to remove myself from the situation or gain an advantage.
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