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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
So you don't trust a kel tec? Do you even own a kel tec? Have you ever personally seen a kel tec malfunction? I own one, it has never, not once, even come close to having a malfunction. And punching holes in paper hardly counts for training. Do you ever do any live fire exercises? And simunition training? If not you aren't ready for shit

ok high horse honcho, settle down. you are reading a little too far into what I wrote. I said I wouldn't trust it with MY LIFE.

I have used them and watched them fail.

Try dragging it through the mud or submerging it in water then firing it. At the range they may work just fine, but in real life situations you will see the difference between your kel tec and another combat proven firearm.

I am not saying they don't have there place. But, they are at the price point they are at for a reason.
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