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I don't think anybody on this forum is ever going to tell you to not try to make an offroad park.

As MZJG puts it, "if you build it, they will come"

schwing, Party on.

If I might add any recommendations:

1. property size- the bigger the better
2. diversification- if all you have is flat mud, it's gonna be boring. also, if all you have are hill climbs, its gonna get boring. if all you have is hardcore, the casual wheeler isn't going to come, and everybody is just gonna break shit (unless you're a 1%er)
3. MAIN TRAILS- if you don't have main trails and/or good trail marking techniques, it's gonna get annoying and confusing to people. Twisted would benefit greatly by having a main loop like R&V. The mounds isn't so bad, but they could use some trail marking for the main trails in the back... and hopefully keeps the BDMT from digging holes in them.
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