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Originally Posted by frdboy View Post
The 04+ 3v engines had the plugs that would get stuck in the head and break, the 2V engines sometimes would blow a plug out of the head due to thread issues.

They have tools for either issue and really is not a big deal anymore to fix.

Every make out there has issues, there is no perfect truck.

My parents have an 02 f150.

I don't know what keeps it on the road. They do no maintence, and drive it like shit. Its over 250K and plugs haven't been changed since 100k. Trans fluid has been changed once, coolant flushed once. oe diff and tcase fluid. Never had an exhuast leak from the manifolds.

Other then suspension parts, 1 or 2 altenators, they do nothing to this truck, hell they go 7-10K between oil changes on basic motor oil.

The dreaded spark plug issues are so few and far between. I see maybe two every 6-12 months in the shop I work at now and the shop I worked at on the other side of town.

You could buy a hemi and still have exhuast stud and manifold problems, or maybe broken valve spring problems. Or how about a chevy and STILL have exhuast manifold bolt issues, with the chevy its common for it to take out the converters, don't forget about the crack in the plastic intake or gummed up throttle bodies.....

there is no perfect truck
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