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Originally Posted by WSU JK View Post
One could buy corporate paper and corporate bonds if he has enough to invest but, as far as bonds go, they are considerably less safe than U.S. bonds (and many municipal bonds).

Besides, if you are in a 401k and you pull out before it's time, your penalties/taxes could eat up more than what you might earn in your lower, but more safe, interest through your alternative investments.

If one is really concerned about the U.S. economy and is invested in a 401k, they may be better off in redirecting future contributions towards emerging markets like Brazil, Poland, Slovenia, etc. if at least for a bit of piece of mind (and if your 401k allows such investments)
You can see if you can convert your 401K to a traditional IRA (contact Principal Investments or Fidelity investments, etc). Then you have many more options for allocations without having to pay any penalties or taxes.
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