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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
Yeah, because this country has such a stellar record of surgically hitting the intended targets with missiles and drone strikes...

Honestly I don't really give a shit if we wipe Syria, or any other middle eastern country for that matter, right off the map.

The big problem, or rather the big picture, is that NO ONE besides the rifle droppers have our back on this shit and even more so it will directly piss off China and Russia. AAAAAND beyond that Russia has already said it will do what it needs to do to protect Syria.

We are basically a broke dick, poor ass, glorified 3rd world country that can barely make it's debt payments. We are stretched waaay to thin from years of military cuts, 12 years of war, and countless different talking heads just lining their pockets at the cost of the tax payer. I honestly don't think we can even afford to fight a war with Russia, assuming it doesn't just escalate right to nuclear holocaust. Shit, how the fukc are we even going to pay for it? China is going to say, "No mo monies fo you" as soon as we start down the road to epic fuckation with Russia.

We can't even keep the lights on without China loaning us the money. How the fukc are we going to do ANYTHING if China decides to cut us off and close us out?

You guys ever think about what would happen if the UN, Russia, China and the rest of them imposed sanctions on us?

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