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Originally Posted by BlooMule View Post
Now, isn't Syria supposed to be one of our allies in the Middle East? And we are going to bomb them? I mean, the most I've been able to get from what little news I see is that Syria *may* have used chemical weapons on their own people, so we are going to teach them a lesson by dropping bombs on them?

I just can't see anything good coming from this.
Syria has never really been an ally of the US and diplomatic ties have been essentially severed since we tried (and failed) to overthrow their government in 1957 and when they sided with Egypt in the Six Day War against Israel (and subsequently lost the Golan Heights). Ever since then they've sort of acted as a proxy for Iran to launch terrorist attacks against Israel.

One big reason they were considered an enemy of Iraq was because during the Iran-Iraq War, the Syrians allowed Iran to use Syria as a western base of operations for attacks into Iraq. Syria has very few natural resources of their own but they do have one of the quickest pipeline routes for oil from the Caspian Sea and Iran's northern oil fields west towards the Mediterranean and European markets. If Iran didn't buy off the Syrians for access to the Mediterranean and Europe, Syria may just as well have been an ally of Iraq instead.

For what it's worth, I don't support U.S. intervention in Syria. The use of chemical weapons against their own people is absolutely appalling, but not technically a violation of the Geneva Convention. Unless and until their civil war begins spilling over into Turkey, Israel, Jordan, etc. let's stay out of it. Especially since we would probably just be toppling one shitty despotic leader for another.

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