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Same type of shit as Egypt. Hardcore muslims want to oust the not so muslim dictator so they can set up a bastion of muslim law in the middle east. They are pissed off about the people of Egypt pushing back against that bull shit and kicking them out of power so they are trying for Syria.

Putin has been talking to us, the American People, for a while now trying to wake us up to how corrupt and out of control OUR federal government is. The RUSSIAN PRESIDENT is more concerned about us than our own officials. That speaks VOLUMES about what's really going on.

This is also why China, Russia and everyone else is against us intervening on behalf of the rebels in Syria. They're jihadists and muslim extremists. Most of the rebels are affiliated with al Qaeda. Our government wants to help the same people, who killed thousands upon thousands of Americans since 2001 and destroyed our prosperity with two wars and trillions in unfunded spending, set up a major base of operations.

The chemical weapons didn't come out until Obama made his "Red Line" speech. This is no coincidence. It's my firm belief that the rebels used those weapons against their own people and blamed Assad for it knowing that it was the most likely thing to get the U.S. involved on their side. Pure manipulation tactic. They have been caught over and over and over again throughout this whole conflict passing off fake footage of "casualties" to gain sympathy from the international community.

Russia and China said hell no and have moved assets into the region to counter the U.S. We have absolutely no business spending money and risking American lives on this conflict... especially when the outcome would be an entire country becoming the new headquarters of al Qaeda. Russia and the rest of their allies are refusing to allow that to happen. This is already a proxy war between the U.S. and them. They've been supplying Assad with weapons, munitions and aid since the beginning and we have been funneling the same to the rebels.

There is a very real possibility that this could spark a real war between all of the major world powers. The fact is... the only people who want this are our enemies and the spineless pieces of shit that have control of our government. We don't want it. The world doesn't want it. Our voices have been completely ignored here and will continue to be and it could lead to our downfall. I wish this was an exaggeration. I really do... but it isn't.

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