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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
I'd like to think that too. But I kinda wonder if that's the same thing our ancestors thought during the brewing of WWI and WWII.

I think sometimes we sit back and just assume it can't happen again because it hasn't in 70 years or that somehow our society now is better at communicating and working things out.

Growing up I heard more than once that there will never be another world war because with the advent of the nuclear bomb. With the threat of it escalating to that point and causing complete annihilation of everything is what is keeping everyone at bay. But now you throw the new factor of these extremists Muslims in that have zero value in their mortal lives...

I don't think the general public is nearly concerned about this as they should be. I think most of us just think of this as another Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Libya, Somalia, etc... But it's not. In all of those others our government at least had some allies on the plan, this time our government is really bucking against the grain.
I agree with all of this... I truley think that if shit keeps going the way it is we will see another WW in our life time.
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