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Originally Posted by feva4u View Post
From personal experience, getting shitty with them and pointing out that "if the errors were caught the first time, they wouldn't need to review it again" will only delay things more. My philosophy, be nice, do what they say, never go back to the shithole that is Flint ever again if possible.

Once you've graduated, send their "Donation letters" back with a note saying that they'd save a lot of money by sending e-mails instead of letters when begging for money when they've sustained a x% tuition increase for 10+ yrs while watering down the graduation requirements and lowering the acceptance standards. That one will get a response letter from someone "concerned" with the view of the quality of education coming out of the school.
I'm just being an irritable bastard. Seems to be working for the time being, I already got my thesis back from them and fixed the problems they said "I didn't fix" even though they weren't on the original review (I checked).

A lot of my alumni friends have done this already with the donation thing. I haven't been called yet or sent any letters because they won't even give me the damn degree

I am not giving one damn cent to that school. I'm just happy I left with 60k in student loans to some friends being well over 100k when they graduated.

If I give any money to Flint, it will be to my fraternity.
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