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Originally Posted by cerial View Post
Fucking 43' rearmost axle bridge law has got me all freaking stressed.

60 lbs under means I am getting pulled in one of the 3 scales tomorrow for sure. That's what happens when one plant does not tell the other plant to pull off 3 and put the heavy ass ones on then reload the 3 again. Or, I just got a lazy dock worker. 11,300. 30,800. 33,940. Wth Coke that's a union worker fukc up.
Got Loaded in Kaiser West. Va with rolls of paper. using gauge on the truck, I knew I'd be over ~1000-1500 pounds on my trailer axles for the weight of the load. Knew I needed more on my drives. Asked the guy to shift it, that it would be over. He said bull shit, I do this load every day. Nearest scale was 50+ miles away. Called my company, they said slide your tandems. Said I can't because of axle laws (fuck Illinois Laws). They told me to run it to the scale, in the event it was over, they'd have me run back. Ran out, and lo be hold, was 1200 over on the trailer.

Ended up loosing 5 hours of driving because the douche bag wouldn't rearrange and move 4 fucking rolls 3 feet. Had it been just slide them forward, I would have just jacked my brakes, but rolls suck balls.
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