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I was hoping that might be the case. I told him I wanted them on the back of the axle so that I could plumb the lines along the back and route them through the factory retainers but he ended up doing it "the easy way" where he didn't have to hold it.

I wasn't around when he did it so he had already put them on by the time I got there to check and see how it was going.

I did change out the booster with a spare because I was getting a lot of air passing through by the firewall, but it went from compressing the RR caliper to starting to compress the LR and then it just dropped.

I lost almost all pressure. I pulled the cap on the MC and tried to get the rest of the air out of the system by giving it a high point, but still it has absolutely no brakes now. I'm kind of dumbfounded at this point. I'll try to pull the calipers and move them like you guys suggested to bleed them, but I just don't see it getting pressure.

I'm so annoyed because this is supposed to be the last thing i need to do so I can drive the truck. I've already fixed the wiring, so this is all that's left, and the bastard won't stop. Ugh.
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