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Well, i finally got the biggest hurdle out of my way. (almost)

I had a friend with a welder put on the brackets for my rear brakes, finally. I had to modify the calipers a bit so they would clear the 15" wheels and also put in new longer studs to offset the thickness of the rotors. Unfortunately he welded them on top of the axle instead of behind like I wanted, but I guess it doesn't matter, they will still function the same.

Wouldn't you know it, I got 11 of 12 lugs in with no problem, and on the very last lug, It snapped after being pulled only half way through. I must have gotten a weak cast; better now than when the wheels are turning.

Old vs. New:

2004 Chevy pickup rotors machined out to fit the ID of the axle flange. Looks factory now.

Got them all bolted up and started the plumbing....

All new fittings, steel lines and braided flex lines. The only stock lines left on the truck are the ones from the MC to the back of the truck and to each braided flex on the front of the frame. I'll probably replace these later as well with new lines and make them a little more short and direct instead of swirling all over the whole engine bay, maybe dump them along the firewall instead.

Wouldn't you know it, just when I thought my trouble was over and I was just about to get the truck back on the road 100%, the damn booster blows up as I was trying to bleed the system. I don't know if it was just its time to go or it was faulty and couldn't handle the pressure, but it sure as hell is leaking air now. Luckily my neighbor's k5 blazer parts truck has a donor I'll swap out and try to get it up and running this weekend. If it's not one thing it's another.

On a lighter note, I just finished up wiring the new LED taillights tonight. I just finished making my own new harness for the bed and wiring it all up. Luckily I think the flasher has been replaced from the original solid state that the truck came with because the turn signals and brakes worked without issue. Normally the LED's run a lower resistance and need to have a non-solid state flasher installed so that they will work. Looks like I lucked out on that one. I even got my markers in the fenders wired up and found a pack of new bulbs in my misc. stuff in the toolbox. Sweet.
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