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Originally Posted by Dave Kerwin View Post
@DaveRamsey: Teach your kids how to handle money or they will be in your basement until they are 32.
I agree with you.

My daughters are 7 and 9 respectively (if anyone asks for pics, I will personally gouge the requesters's eye out and skull fukc the hole.) I have already started the process of explaining to them that I will provide for them as long as they are attending school and working. I am not willing to pay their tuition but I will at least make sure they have a ride, a roof, and food while they try to better themselves. I've also told them that if they choose not to attend college, they must move out at 18 and start being adults. That's not to say I will not help them get started and I will always be in the background making sure everything is ok. If they daughters are fighting the good fight, I'll cover for them. If they are broke because of partying or bad decisions, sucks to be them, go get a second job.

So in summary, I guess my vote is for not charging the kid rent. She seems like a go getter and as long as she is trying to better herself you are helping her move forward in life by providing shelter for her. If she strays from the path of responsiblity, then you might want to charge rent.

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