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Originally Posted by Hacksaw View Post
Preferably MySQL. (i.e. this will net you higher pay)

I have an opening in Tampa FL for a Database Administrator/Engineer.

If you have Linux admin experience, that's a plus. Windows system admin is a bigger plus.

Perl Scripting is an even bigger plus.

Powershell scripting is an even bigger plus.

IIS experience is a definite plus.

If you can code in .NET that's beneficial too, but, really we're looking for a MySQL DBA to assist me in my daily tasks. Daily tasks include: Creating backups, replication, failover, HAProxy load balancing, server administration, configuration modification, query (not like curt1656 queer-y) optimization, index analysis (just because it has anal in the word does not mean anal, fags)

Perks: You can make me lunch, get me coffee (I dont really drink coffee), you WILL be belittled by me on an at least 3 times per hour basis, I will be your boss, I recommend raises and bonuses in the form of high fives and chest bumps (so, that's nice!) and you have to interview really well.

Oh yea, this is in Florida. No, you can't work from home. No, you can't work from home part of the time. You need to be in the office in Tampa, Florida every day.

I think the company pays around 7k max for relocation and the salary is around 125k. That means if you don't know what the fukc you are doing, don't inquire. This is not the job for you douche bags that have accessed MySQL a few times and thing you are Jesus Christ himself's gift to RDBMS's (If you dont know what that means, dont respond).

This is a very serious post for a very serious career move for someone. My PM box is full since KellyTheJew stopped giving me a free premium membership and I refuse to pay for one and have like 2000 PMs from the past.

So, if you're seriously interested post here with an email or something and I will get in touch with you.

Again, the salary and job are not a joke... a lot of things that I said in this post are.

So, you want to be carried by a intelligent person with a high standard of work ethic and self motivation and yet you can delete some any or all of your 2000 pms......"rolls eyes" but you expect to be the boss?
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