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Originally Posted by BigBird View Post
Fab some with crazy carpet or old inner-tubes and I am fairly confident you will have no trouble. I have never heard of anyone around here being stopped to inspect inner fenders. I have however met people that have been stopped because their tires were not covered by the bodywork or flares...
You have now! WR and I and I think Tab and couple others.
It happend ~5 years ago or so. We were minding our own business in a caravan heading north on 17 around Buttermilk Rd. and the OPP passed us going south, they dam near rolled their cruiser trying to do a 'brake check/180'.
They pulled the whole group over and we were all cordial. They were looking to see what tire size we had, and if we were over a certain size (44" I think) we needed driveshaft loops and all vehicles needed inner front fenders. We never got a specific reason for the requirement, remember, we're foreigners here so we politely accepted their 'your free to go' and continued on our way. I think WR had a bit more specific conversation with the officer but we never got anything concrete to my knowledge.

I agree with BB though, just tie wrap some old rubber inner tubes to keep junk out of the engine compartment and you should be good to go.
Pic of alleged offender.

The OPP and MNR seem to be on a bit higher alert status during the fall than they are at other times of the year. Spring and summer runs never seem to attract attention. Every Fall we seem to hear stories.

I do know ALL your headlights must be working or they will nab you.

I alos remember Mike Haines pulling out of the campground and the OPP pulled him over probably a 1/4 mile down the road. Mike was a 'little less that street legal' with his buggy at the time and the officer shook his head and said go get a trailer and pick this thing up. I have no intention of spending my time writing all the violations you are guilty of. I would be here all night.

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