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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Not a rough week at all, you're sitting here arguing that this magical form that has been around since the 80's is new, it's not. Seems pretty simple to me.

Here maybe this will help you understand that your I9 information was in fact taken by your last employer.

There is no special government employee form that is different than an I9.

You likely couldn't find someone to sign and notarize your form because it is supposed to be filled out and verified by your employer, they probably also didn't want the responsibility of notarizing your documents to prove your employment eligibility.
the form was NEW TO ME. it's been typed 3x in this thread and you keep ignoring it. if they forged, or fudged something so be it. for you folks in recruiting and HR, then I can see why you might get your thong twisted. I don't move around a lot, and don't work in HR.

from my current HR contact, my current employer commonly requests and has notaries verify authenticity of the documents and signature on the form (which I did not sign in 2007) as well as affix copies of same in other areas of the country for "at home employees" - so for them too, the fact that a notary would not sign off on them, it was at least not "business as usual" for their "at-home" work force.

despite all of that, it's still apparently 'new' to the folks at fenton town hall based on their reaction.

this was a fun way to spend lunch, back to the other home office.
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