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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
you would have had to fill out an i9 in 2007 as well, why do you act like its such a foreign document? It is not a "new" homeland security document.

The requirement to visually/in person see/touch the documents before accepting the I9 as official is a policy that has changed since 2007.

guess what. I never saw an i9 before this form was sent to me. And certainly never signed one.

therefore, it's "new" to me. apparently it's also 'new' to the folks at Fenton City Hall, as they'd only seen one once, and didn't want to touch it.


edit: just texted the HR Director at my former employer. They don't use the i9 form even today... and they do participate in e-verify and do also do background checks.

I'm not an HR person, so I don't really know, or care why or how they get around something that you deal with every day.

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