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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post

A. I do not believe it will rain, I do not believe it will not rain.


Again, I find withholding belief until suitable evidence is presented, the best scenario for me.

Okay, fair enough, however...

If you include my added second part to the statement, that would seem more complete and accurate, to me, of your statement of withholding until more information becomes available.

I'm sorry, but I see the answer of "I don't know" to the question "Do you believe _______" as a cop out. I didn't ask if you know or not, I asked if you believed. If you don't have enough information to know something, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't believe it, either.
And this is where I disagree. If my belief system is based on empirical evidence, then what is known and what I believe are the same thing. If you dismiss one theory due to lack of evidence, you must dismiss all theories due to lack of evidence, because if we had the evidence to back up any of the theories this wouldn't even be a debatable issue.

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