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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
Just trying to show how I came up with why I call myself an atheist and to show Bruce that I'm at the same place he is, just using a different adjective.

The original topic...well, It makes sense to me. However, I don't think it actually matters much, except for skeptics to say nanana-boo boo, we're smarter than you, which doesn't really accomplish much.
That and you tend to pressure the "I don't know" people. A person can be unsure about God and not be atheistic. All the talk about "ism's" means nothing to those sitting on the fence. Their true beliefs will come forward when they are on an airplane with a failing engine. Until then, it's ok to be unsure.

As for the original topic, I've personally observed OP's claim. It makes sense to me because people who question things and seek their own answers SHOULD be smarter than those who don't. One type of persons searches for the correct answer while the other person inserts an answer. One person is ok with not knowing exactly how or why something is, the other uses a catch all default to explain something.

The big hang up in this thread is the "tend" part of OP's statement. Just because people who are not religious tend to be smarter than those who believe does not mean Atheists are smarter by default. It only means that if a representive sample of Theists/ Non Theists were tested for intellegence, the Atheist will probably occupy MOST of the top spots for intellegence. If the study is looked at in depth, I'm sure one would find that there are some pretty smart cookies out there who are not Atheist. The problems I'm observiing in this thread is there is a lot of subjectivity in the statements of people posting instead of intellegently debating the emperical evidence.
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