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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
You mention kids.....

I have owned multiple crew cab trucks, have two kids, and if I had a trailer and didn't need to use the bed of my truck often, I probably would have a tahoe, suburban, expedition, etc.

Having the ability to just through luggage, bags, etc into the back and not have to worry about the weather on long road trips is nice.

A tonneau on the back of a truck is nice but limits the ability to bring od shaped objects or requires more creative packaging. A topper is nice, but only has one access point so you have to crawl into the truck all the time, where as in an SUV you can get things from either end as needed.

Obviously a diesel SUV is a lot harder to come by than a diesel truck.....but its something to consider.

I'm mostly a GM fan, but the superduty cab is much larger interior wise than the chevy body style is. Another thing to consider. (2001 superduty compared to silverado's from 91-2009).

The dodge crew cabs (mid 2000's) have a small backseat, much like the chevy/ford extended cabs until you move up to the megacab.

I just spent a week riding in the backseat of an F150 (2005) crewcab hours per day, and I think the chevy (2009) I have now is more comfy, truck to truck they both get the job done however.
gonna agree with this. I keep wanting a truck but we are really happy with our 2500 burban. and I really have no need for a truck.

NOW, my suburban is older (1996), but is in better shape than most just a few years old.

The 454 pulls great. we pulled 12k from san antonio texas to manistique michigan and back with 6 people and a baby and 2 dogs, and camping gear for 10 days (fit 6 people comfortably in a crew cab).

I drive fast. pulled it at 80-85 with the AC cranked in the southern states. the suburban never broke a sweat.

cost wise...

I did the brakes (new rotors/pads/2 calipers)/alt/water pump/t-stat/all fluids/ac compressor.dryer all for under 1000 bucks!!! that wont happen on a diesel (so my few MPG's and few horses I may not have off the line are well worth keeping the gas motor). (I did all that for preventative maint before a long road trip).

also towing the 12k we got 8-9 mpg. moving back up to michigan the wife pulled my snowmobile trailer with the quads on it and got 14-16.

I would love to get a newer 2500 with the 6.0. BUT, my suburban has less miles and is in better shape still than most of the 00+'s.

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