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Default Anyone drive a 2013 Volt?

Originally Posted by dougstephvoor View Post
please take the time to give us some first hand feed back on actual fuel consumption, charge time, and if you could info on your daily travel distance, and increased KW usage on your electric bill from your historical usage.

From time I left dealer last week..
Total Miles- 585.9
Actual Fuel Consumption First week- 7.3 Gallons
= 77+ mpg

Wife took it to Mt. Pleasant over the weekend for a concert which was obviously out of the electric range. 180 miles on 4.3 gallons I think it was.

Charge time..

First few days were all on gas because my garage 110 line wasn't grounded and I couldn't charge the damn thing..... until I ran a dedicated line Friday night.

There are two settings for the 110 charger 8amp and 12 amp. The 8 amp is a joke and takes about 14 hours to do a full charge.

Today (between work, and driving to run errands/ get ice cream with the wife) I did 56 all electric miles (had a free boost because I used a charger on lunch) and ran out when I was about 1/8th mile from my door. So I had a completely dead battery. This was at approx 8pm and I will have a full charge at 6:15 am using the 12A option.

I'll let you know how much my electric bill goes up, but I am working with consumers (They have an electric vehicle program) to get a different meter installed that will give me much better rates based on peak and off peak usage. There is also a $2500 incentive program for installing a level 2 charger (240V) that will charge in 4 hours and you can hit all off peak charging at .045 per kWh vs the 9-22 cents per kWh.

I hope to get my cost per electric mile down to about a penny or two tops.

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