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1) a handsome, manly guy who is always happy and pulls girls with his sweet dispostion

2) A measurement of alcohol or other liquid by depth.
One Gregg is equivilent to 4 fingers of a drink.

3) The God in which Greggatologists worship. He is believed to have created the world, Wal-Mart, and Mexico. His son "Roy" is the messiah; he was hung by his testicles on a capital G. Roy now walks the earth as a pizza man, looking for righteous Greggatologists to give his Wal-Mart made pizza to.You must accept Gregg into your bed if you want to go to Wal-Mart when you die; otherwise you'll go to Mexico.

4)A unit of length. 1 gregg = 1.35 inches. Can be used as a conversion factor between the Metric system and the Foot/Pound system. Based upon the penial length of a mythological man named Gregg/Garry. Used in scientific studies as well as daily life.

5)What most black people call penis

6) In black magic, when you want to change somebody's life and turn them to the darkside you "gregg" them.

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