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Default 96 suburban AC help please

96 454 suburban.

I am frustrated. my AC has been acting up on and off. we just moved back to michigan as you know. The AC worked great for my wife for the move back (thank god).

anyway once we got here it has not worked at all.

It has a brand new compressor/orphice tube/dryer... AC worked when all first installed 2 months ago. NOW, AC has a charge and pressure is over the 47-50 lbs required to make the system work. Clutch wont engage. So I jumped the switch on the dryer. Nothing. jumped the clutch switch. Nothing. Checked all fuses. switched AC relay with starter relay. Nothing.

So we started testing power. at the relay we had power, but it seemed no ground. so, we "grounded the relay" (tying a wire strand to leg of relay installing relay, and grounding it) the Compressor would kick on and would start to blow cold air. weird. The switch doesnt pass ground.

So I tested the switch. I pulled the climate control box out of the dash and it has the 6 legs soldered to the board. I tested those. with switch off 2 legs had 13 volts. when I pressed switch all legs had 13 volts. So it would seem switch is working.

Not real sure where to go from there.

HELP! please... :)
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