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yup. pay up.

I was a cornwell dealer. an actual franchise deal. id come get the impact back if you didnt pay. Is it worth the humiliation you will face by your peers/boss to have the dealer come back and repo it? I know I wouldnt want my boss to know I couldnt take care of my bills

Maybe you read your card info off wrong to the dealer? why is it always the dealers fault?

this is part of the reason I am not in that business anymore. I HAD TO go take people by the hand and drag them to the truck and ask for a payment for tools they had already received but not yet paid for. THEN, they would get on the truck and pay 20 bucks on the 250 dollar bill (when we agreed to 40), and then want to buy another 200 tool. HA! Get off my truck!

Instead of when I pull up to the shop them stop at a good stopping point come out and pay there bill willingly.

Why did you not call the dealer when you noticed that the 400 and some odd dollars had not come out of your bank account or been on your CC bill? you could have called and made sure everything was ok. Instead you waited and hoped they forgot and are now upset because through accounting they found out and now you have to pay...
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