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Originally Posted by dougstephvoor View Post
I have seriously been considering a new pistol for ccw concealed etc.

Choosing a caliber has been driving me crazy, 9mm .40 45acp


I sure like the weight and the round count on this thing,

But I have serious concern about the ability to stop a meth head DEAD in his tracks with a 22 mag fired through a short barrel.

Their will be huge muzzle flash and little gain over a regular 22.

I have a 22 mag rifle, I love the thing, not a PD round in my opinion.

Hand gun is cool if it has longevity, you will have to give us a report after a thousand rounds fired down the pipe.
9mm, .40, .45, 10MM... It's all dependent on what you can handle the best and shoot most accurately.

Sure... a 9MM will be far less effective at stopping a meth head compared to a .500S&W but you'll also be able to get off five shots accurately from the 9mm for each round of .500 that leaves the barrel.

As for .22 Mag for carry use against two legged predators... Come on now. Even .380 will outperform that .22 Mag in that situation.

If you were only planning to use the PMR-30 for plinking/small game and you are willing to fork over that much cash for the pistol and deal with the frustration of finding the ammo at a decent price have at it! I'm sure it's a fun pistol to shoot.

For anything else you can spend far less money on something smaller and much more powerful that shoots much more readily available ammunition. This thing is nothing more than a gimmick and an answer to a question that nobody asked. Even the FN FiveSeven is a waste of money since it's illegal to purchase the ammunition it was designed to use.

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