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Originally Posted by wave_crusher View Post
I can look it over for you. Shoot me a PM with it

First thing; do not use a pre-made resume template. Just about everyone uses them and they make a resume look very generic. Second; if you do make you're own, which you should be, make 200% sure everything is lined up, spacing wise. Last, only use specific things about your strengths/skills. They don't have to be 100% specifc, but instad of saying that you're a good listiner or you're very prompt; say that you understand directions the first time they're given...etc

Unless you've been working for 15+ years, you're resume should not be more than one page. At your age (25+/-?), one page for your actual resume should be more than enough. Any more and an employer will most likely view it as you can't hold a job, or have commitment issues.

No matter where you're applying, MAKE A COVER LETTER, I can't stress that enough. Just don't regurgitate you're cover letter on your resume. for the cover letter stick to you personally; a resume is you professionally. No body does it and it makes all the difference in the world. and Last. Write a letter of appreciation after an interview. That is the 2nd/3rd most important of applying for a job. Unless you're applying for a CEO type position you don't need to write a letter of interest.

EDIT: Even if you're only applying for a gas station/fast good. It will set you apart from everyone else. I would attach a resume along with any paper applications as well. It can't hurt. Everything I just said is how I managed to get a job working for Fiber-optics/telecommunications when I have less than zero experience with fiber and a little telecom experience.

This.. All of this!!

I attended a workshop at school on resume writing, the thing they stressed more than anything else was keep it short, sweet and to the point.
Depending on what you are applying for they may be looking at hundreds of resumes the longer yours is the more likely they will forget it.

Cover letters cannot be stressed enough as it makes you stand out, its your chance to go into more detail about yourself, give them a taste of you as a person not just a laundry list of your skills/abilities.

I may be about the same age as you but I applied to spectum right out of highschool to a position I was informed thousands applied for and was hired one week from turning in my application. After I started my department head told me my resume was professional and to the point which he admired.

As far as layout and style I'd be happy to give my .02 based on what I learned from the workshop!

Goodluck regardless!!
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