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Originally Posted by Fatty Matty
When I had mine done I could feel him tugging on my sack tubes , I could also see and smell the smoke from him cauterizing said tubes.
You and I must've had the same dr. I joked "I smell smoke." Asian doctor replied with a chuckle "smells like barbecue"

Originally Posted by 8PTBUCK
What made all you guys get one if nobody minds me asking? I kinda always looked at it as a losing your manhood kinda thing, even though that's not true at all lol. I'm with the few others, I didn't think it was this common?!?!

I had mine done at 22. Some things in life you just know. And I knew deep down in me since I could begin remembering that I did not ever want kids. Never once have I regretted my choice. Plus it helps LAY SOME PIPE

I did not need consent from anyone. Doctor did stop a couple time and re-asked if I was sure.

Only side effect I notice is when you have sex frequently, the cut tubes will swell inside I presume because that fluid has nowhere to go. So sometimes it can be uncomfortable but nothing that slows you down too much.
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