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Originally Posted by jthomp View Post
I would say getting he wife's permission is a good thing. This likely saves the Dr. A lot of furious wife calls.
I totally get why they do it. The medical ethics behind it is what I am stuck on. Fat chance finding doc that will require a man's permission for his wife to have an elective procedure done.. Think... Tubes tied, Abortion ect. Women's rights groups would have a hayday with any practice that required a man's permission for a woman to do anything to herself. Google it. It waaay common. Guys go along with it. If you read the comments section women posters all say "damn straight my man need my permission" or "my man had a vasectomy done, I want to sue the doctor, and I'm divorcing my husband".

Very double standard.

I believe it should be a decision between a man and his wife, but ultimately, it is the man's decision. For doctors to be enforcing it so they don't have to deal with the fall out of a scorned woman is ludicrous. Like I said, any doctor that requires my wife's permission do to anything, I'm walking my happy ass outta there.
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