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Originally Posted by g00fy1 View Post
Had it done 19 years ago. Still works fine and you can't tell the difference. Word of caution, take the suggested length of time to do nothing otherwise you'll see swelling.
quoted for truth.

I had it done in the winter, after our 2nd son was born. Dr. ButterFingers dropped the tray of instruments after opening an incision and clamping me off.

Apparently they didn't do their dishes the night before, so I got an extra numbing shot while I waited, clamped off for their auto-clave to do it's thing on a fresh set of instruments.

Feeling great, and seeing a lot of snow accumulate that morning, coupled with having an oversized snowthrower that's a PITA to get out of the garage I was reluctant to only do my own driveway since I had the day off.

I did 8 driveways.

Spent the next 4 days in bed clamoring for another bag of frozen peas and was black and blue practically 1/2 way down my thighs.

once healed up however, no issues, or noticeable differences at all, or any misgivings about having it done.

Originally Posted by 8PTBUCK View Post
What made all you guys get one if nobody minds me asking? I kinda always looked at it as a losing your manhood kinda thing, even though that's not true at all lol. I'm with the few others, I didn't think it was this common?!?!

we were done after having 2 healthy boys. I like my lower lip attached to my face, so I wasn't about to suggest to my wife, who had given birth to two babies approaching 9lbs that she should bite the bullet and have herself fixed...

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