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I can look it over for you. Shoot me a PM with it

First thing; do not use a pre-made resume template. Just about everyone uses them and they make a resume look very generic. Second; if you do make you're own, which you should be, make 200% sure everything is lined up, spacing wise. Last, only use specific things about your strengths/skills. They don't have to be 100% specifc, but instad of saying that you're a good listiner or you're very prompt; say that you understand directions the first time they're given...etc

Unless you've been working for 15+ years, you're resume should not be more than one page. At your age (25+/-?), one page for your actual resume should be more than enough. Any more and an employer will most likely view it as you can't hold a job, or have commitment issues.

No matter where you're applying, MAKE A COVER LETTER, I can't stress that enough. Just don't regurgitate you're cover letter on your resume. for the cover letter stick to you personally; a resume is you professionally. No body does it and it makes all the difference in the world. and Last. Write a letter of appreciation after an interview. That is the 2nd/3rd most important of applying for a job. Unless you're applying for a CEO type position you don't need to write a letter of interest.

EDIT: Even if you're only applying for a gas station/fast good. It will set you apart from everyone else. I would attach a resume along with any paper applications as well. It can't hurt. Everything I just said is how I managed to get a job working for Fiber-optics/telecommunications when I have less than zero experience with fiber and a little telecom experience.

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