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Originally Posted by cj65 View Post
Do you get pain meds this sounds like its gonna hurt!!!!
Don't be a pussy, it's soooooo worth it! Once you get past the desire to pull out and blow your load into the curtains, you will enjoy worry free, nuts deep stress relief.

My vasectomy was sort of a bad experience but it was still worth it to me. My doctor (Doctor Cummings, true story) is an ex military doc and carries himself accordingly. When I was sitting in the stirrups, I was dealing with the stress by being a smartass. Since it does hurt some (man up, you'll live), and I was spread eagle, I joked by saying "Oh man, my pussy hurts". The doctor started laughing and accidently doinked my dickhead with the caughterizing iron. My jimmy hat was not happy! Other than that, not a big deal. You end up with a little tiny hole in your bean bag that they may leave open to heal correctly and your junk will be sore for a few days. A few sessions with a bag of frozen peas and you will feel fine. I got me twins cut on a Thursday and I was on my farm tractor bouncing around without issue by Sunday.
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