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Should I comment, probably not but here goes.

I was raised UCC and up until last year not only attended but was on several boards for our local UCC. The UCC was formed by a merger of several congregational churches and the german evangelical church. While the evangelical church is based on scripture, the congregational side has taken power in the past decade or so.

The evangelical church believes
1) homosexuality is a sin (sodom and gomora)
2) everyone has sin so everyone should be allowed to worship God and cleanse themselves from sin.

However, the UCC church is now operating under a different belief
1) Forget about Sodom and Gomora
2) homosexuals should not only worship, but they are not commiting any sin and in fact should celebrate their activities.

Based on that, my family is now searching for a new church. It is not a tolerance issue. As I said, I believe homosexuality is no better or worse a sin than many of the things I do and I have no problem with any people working through their issues, but I do not think the church should be celebrating sins that according to scripture God destroyed cities in response to.
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