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I decided to tackle the grille and trim pieces. Most of them I had figured to be a lost cause due to the amount of rust on them, but to my surprise, chrome is amazingly resilient!

Here is what I started with; a used tube grille and 36 year old chrome parts:

And after a lot of elbow grease, steel wool and soap and water:

The chrome is still not perfect and honestly it needs to be re-done because of pitting and flaking in parts, but for now this is a HUGE improvement. I can actually see my reflection in it!

It makes quite the difference from a distance, even if it's not perfect up close. I did the mirror bases and the rain guards/drip rails too. I need neverdull to shine up the aluminum side mirrors, but for now it's the little things that count. Since I put the matching set of tires and trim rings back on the truck, I'll take some time to clean them up as well and even get all the hubs back on when I get a new set of lug nuts for it.

A friend of mine is coming by tomorrow and we are going to install the body lift on the cab now that my steering shaft extension came in from Summit.

When the rest of the lift is done then I get to tear farther down into the engine to do some major work and degrease the crap out of it!

Up next:

Exchange 3 core radiator for 4 core
Install Gear Drive
Clean/paint engine and accessories (what I can)
New timing cover
New cam? Maybe....depends on the old one.
New pan gaskets and filters.

I need to tear the back half of the transfer case off and re seal it, it's leaking a bit where the tailshaft bolts on. I think some permatex should fix it for now until I do a complete and thorough cleaning/chain replacement later.

Will get more pics of the truck tomorrow.

It's getting there, piece by piece.
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