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Well I got another couple days to work on the truck when I wasn't working on three other vehicles. I just finished putting a new brake hardline down the whole frame for the rear brakes and a new gasket for the transfer case on our Yukon. It's running great now.

As far as the '77, well I got my taillights installed but haven't wired them up yet. I stripped down the paint and shot some gloss black over it just for now, the whole bed will be stripped down and re-done at a later date. For now this will have to do so I can be road legal. This is just a mockup pic, I haven't taken a picture of the lenses mounted and Backup lights installed yet. Will get that later; I must have forgot.

I also decided to do a little work under the hood since I had a few extra hours to spend. I dug through my toolbox and shelves and pulled every new part for this body style truck that I had available and decided to use it. I've been holding on to most of them for years because our family has built so many of these trucks.

I put in a new carb spacer, new plug wires and new header plugs. Changed up and put a new chrome air cleaner and filter in it, and figured while I was at it I would clean my valve covers and replace the gaskets for those as well with spares I had laying around. (One was leaking anyway)

I tore it down once before and already knew this, but someone has done some work to this motor and I'm curious to see just how far they went. These aren't stock:

Now I intended to just clean off my valve covers and put them back on, but seeing how much rust had accumulated after sitting for years (probably not being cleaned by previous owner) I decided to grab my super fine #0000 pack of steel wool and see what I could do about it. Here is what I started with:

And after quite a bit of elbow grease this is what I ended up with:

Having seen such improvement in the engine bay (even though the rest still looks like crap) I decided to keep the momentum moving forward and work on the rest of the truck.
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