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Originally Posted by 3-foot View Post
Here's a new poll....

It seems Hilary can't win, not because she's a woman but because so many people outside the Democratic party dislike her that she can't pull enough swing votes.

Page 3 shows the breakdown. Race affects 3%, gender 4% of voters opinions.

Nothing there about having a muslium name, but I agree it will make it harder for him, even though he's a christian by practice. 54% of dems find him favorable, 40% don't know enough. That's not a lot of party support but it's very early.

Rudy, 86% favorable, Go Rudy!
I doubt Rudy will be able to get the conservative christian vote. He isn't against gay marriage... All I ever hear about this guy is, he did such a great job after 9/11. What did he do?, besides make some speeches about moving on this, patriotic that, etc. What makes him a good policy maker?
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