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So, I threw the sporty up on c-list after riding it for a little while. The main plan was to flip it in the long run. I rode my fz6 after riding the sporty for a week and it was like night and day. smooth and comfy on the fz6 vs. vibey and cramped on the sporty. The sportster is seriously fun to ride, but not for long periods of time, I've found.

Anyway, I had a lady email me about it:

Her: That is the ugliest sporty I have ever seen.
Why would you take off the forward controls ?
Just plain stupid........
Good Luck

Who the hell wastes their time and emails people to talk shit about the stuff they are selling?

Well, for fun, and to waste my time I responded:

I didn't take off the forward controls, but I wouldn't have bought it with them. You have better control of the motorcycle with them (mids). I wouldn't expect a simpleton like you to understand that, though.

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She wrote back:

Hello Dickhead......
If you were a true Harley Rider you know it's about what looks better not if you have better control.....All sportster customs come with forward control........
You probably wear a helmet

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Me: Ahh, form before function, you must be a "true Harley rider". Yep, I do value my life and motor skills, so I do wear a helmet. I guess I'm not your typical Harley fashionista. You probably shouldn't even be looking at sportsters though, because a real Harley rider, like yourself, knows that sportsters are real pussy bikes.

Also, may I remind you, that you emailed me to tell me that the bike I had was ugly and stupid, so I think you're the dickhead in this situation, XXXXXXXX.

Name withheld to protect the stupid.
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