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If you are running a toyota rear shaft, you can do this with pipe.

2-1/2" schedule 40 steel pipe is almost the right size, just a hair bigger. You use your chop saw to cut the tube off the end yokes, which will leave you about a 1/2" surface which the new tube needs to fit snuggly over. I used layers of tape, about 4 layers total to build up the diameter to make it tight. Don't overlap the tape, do one layer, cut it with no overlap, then do the next layer on top of that, etc...

Then tack weld the shaft together, reinstall it in the truck. Jack up the truck, put the truck in neutral, and spin a wheel, which spins the driveshaft. You can keep tapping it with a hammer to knock it into alignment if its wobbling. Then weld it up.

I run a 4 foot long shaft made this way (I also have about 1/2 cup of ATF in their to act as a balance fluid), which I run up to 65 mph ok.
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