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Originally Posted by catalyst View Post
Its a scam. There isn't that much overhead for the shop. I feel bad that the mechanic gets raped as much as they do. I have a feeling that is why you see so many of the good ones opening up shop. Unfortunately, the best mechanics aren't always the best at running a business.

Anyhow, it is what it is.
No overhead? Have you priced a quality scanner, oscilloscope, tire machine, alignment rack, lift, a/c service station, data service, insurance lately? How about the cost of renting or buying a property to have your shop in?

To say the trade is a scam is a slap in the face to those of use who put our heart and soul into building a quality business. Flat rate time is job time, not clock time. With the number of different makes and models running around now days, the first time or two a person does a job on a car, they get their ass handed to them compared to clock time. If a job pays three hours book time and it takes a mechanic eight, the customer still pays three and the mechanic gets paid for three hours. Also, when there is no work going on in the shop, flat rate mechanics don't get paid until the next job comes in.

Since you feel that the repair trade is a "scam" and there is not much involved with running a repair business, I would suggest opening your own shop because it is soooo easy. Don't forget to sew bigger pockets in your pants to carry all the money.
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